Three Phase Electric

Foot (8/8)

  • ABB M3AA100L 3KW 2897RPM 2POLE B3 FOOT MOUNTED Electric Motor 3ph 50hz 230/400v
  • Crompton Greaves 4 Pole 1400 RPM 3 Phase Electric Motor Aluminium Foot Mount IE2
  • ABB 5.5kW 3-Phase AC Electric Motor 1400RPM 4-Pole B3 Foot 132 Frame
  • AEG 3-Phase Electric Motor 15kW 2935RPM 2-Pole 160M Frame B3 Foot
  • GEC Alpak 15kW 3-Phase AC Electric Motor 2900RPM 2-Pole B3 Foot 160 Frame
  • Brook Crompton 2-Speed 30kW 6Kw Electric Motor B3 Foot 2950RPM 1480RPM
  • Crompton Greaves 2 Pole 2800 RPM 3 Phase Electric Motor Aluminium Foot Mount IE2
  • ABB 55kW (75HP) 2980RPM 2-Pole Electric Motor B3 Foot 225 Frame 3-Phase 415v
  • TECO 3-Phase Electric Motor 3kW (4HP) 2850RPM 2-Pole D100L Frame B3 Foot
  • Crompton Greaves 7.5KW 4 Pole Electric Motor 1450RPM Foot 3 Phase 132M Frame IE2
  • 11kW 160 Frame Electric Motor 4-Pole B3 Foot 1450RPM 160 Frame 3-Phase
  • 2-Speed 3-Phase Electric Motor 1.1kW 960RPM/1450RPM 100 Frame B3 Foot
  • VEM 11kW Electric Motor 6-Pole B3 Foot 160 Frame 3-Phase 965RPM 415/720v
  • ABB 45kW 3-Phase AC Electric Motor 1480RPM 4 Pole B3 Foot 255 Frame
  • Three Phase Electric Motors 0.09kw to 11kw Foot and Flange variations available
  • GAMAK 3-Phase Electric Motor 3kW 690RPM 8-Pole 132M Frame B3 Foot Three Phase