Three Phase Electric

Flange (6/6)

  • TEC Three Phase Electric Motor, 3kw, 4HP, Flange Mounted, (B14), 3000 rpm 2 pol
  • 4kW (5.5HP) 3-Phase AC Electric Motor 1430RPM 4-Pole B5 Flange 112M Frame
  • 75kw electric motor KEMP AM30 280s 550v 4pole 3Phz 60hz Foot & flange mounting
  • 3kW 3-Phase AC Electric Motor 2880RPM 2-Pole B35 Foot & Flange 100 Frame
  • WEG 15kW 3-Phase AC Electric Motor 1465RPM 4-Pole B5 Flange 160L Frame
  • New Quality ABB 5.5kW Electric Motor 8-Pole B5 Flange 710RPM 160 Frame 3-Phase
  • Three Phase Electric Motors 0.09kw to 11kw Foot and Flange variations available